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Life Changing! Focus your energy on inner self, health, emotional & physical wellness; and lessen that fight and flight adrenal exhaustion. Abeytu´ Wellness Essentials capsules will give you the support you need to change the way you react and feel.

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Manufactured in Utah, USA

Non-GMO hemp

FDA Registered Manufacturing

Organically Farmed Hemp

Quality Management System

Superlative Quality & Compliance


Men and women both have great success with this product. This Isolate and micronutrient packed formula can be a powerful mood stabilizer due to the release of serotonin, dopamine, and glutamate. The ingredients work together as an appetite suppressant but these capsules will also help reduce your inflammation and discomfort simultaneously. The product may work great for nerves, joints, chronic back pain, or just calm energy. Other known and documented ingredient benefits may include: reduced blood and eye pressures, improved insulin sensitivity, prevention of metabolic syndrome, reduced inflammation, risk reduction of clogged blood vessels, protection from UV rays, protection of digestive system, decreased anxiety, enhanced mood, slower aging of the brain, fatigue reduction, quicker skeletal muscle recovery, help with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimers, boosting testosterone and increasing fertility in men, anti- tumorigenesis, combating neurodegenerative diseases, and decreasing fat & cholesterol.

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Weight 8 oz


– Cannabinoid Isolate
– Organic Shilajit
– Organic Wild Blueberry Extract(twice the anthocyanins as natural blueberries)
– Organic Ashwagandha
– Organic Black Sesame Seed Extract


 One Capsule Twice Daily with full glass of water. You may take with food.

Recommended dosage: for adults is 2 capsules per day, and teenagers 1-2 capsules per day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sara Gonzales

Waiting to see some results been taking 2 caps daily for the last two weeks
Down 3 pounds so far

Rita Maslansky
Haven't noticed anything yet

Hi, it's only Bern a couple weeks.i haven't noticed anything yet.

Marty Phelix
Hunger Busters

I intermittant fast every day on a 7/17 schedule or eat OMD. I used to get really hungry before allowing myself to eat. I have found that the gnawing hunger pains no longer happen as much or as often, allowing me to fast with greater ease.

Karla M Fisher
Very Natural

These ingredients calm and center the body. I'm sure they must be reducing cortisols and other stress hormones. They are wonderful!

Rose McClintick
It just feels right!!

It hasn’t been long since I started taking the capsules, just over two weeks. At this point all I can say is that it feels right. My nails, my fungus issues, my sleep, my mood all showing signs of improving. I feel calmer, stress isn’t a part of my day as it can be from time to time. I have recommended this to several people and waiting to hear how their body’s have that “feels right “ feeling. Thank you! Thank you for caring enough to make something that the body loves!!!